Female athletes

Being a woman is hard enough, but what is worse is when you happen to be an Olympic athlete and you have began training. So, how do you do it? What is the best way? Many athletes have found that by using an elliptical, they tend to do better when they train.   There are many elliptical reviews out there for you to choose if you so desire.

Why? Elliptical machines are great for those who have overuse injuries or even major injuries caused from training, sports, and even accidents. They are low impact, so that means that you are going to get that awesome workout without all of the high impact issues like joint and bone issues.

Even though many use an elliptical for cardio, you can’t be on this machine for 20 minutes and not break a single sweat. You will train your heart, burn fat and calories, and even work over your muscles. This really causes you to get a good metabolic and aerobic exercise.

So, how do they get that awesome workout? They set goals. Many women Olympic athletes will start aiming for 90 RPM, that is rotations per minute. This will show how fast your legs are moving, and eventually they head towards the 180 RPM.

Estrogen Blockers

A new fad that has begun is all about estrogen blockers.  Lets face it, sometimes you need as much testosterone as possible.  Sometimes the issue with your testosterone levels might not be your testosterone levels at all, it could be your estrogen levels.  Many professional athletes are trying to minimize their estrogen levels, and thus raising their testosterone levels.

They use their arms. If there are handles, then they use them, or they will swing their arms as if they are running. This gets most of the focus on their legs, which helps them to strengthen muscles and increase their calorie burn.

They even mess with the resistance. This makes them work harder to reach their goals. They play with the incline which helps to give that oh so familiar burn to their muscles. The different incline, the different muscle that is used. They will often challenge themselves by switching them back and forth to keep their body guessing on what will happen next.

Protein powder

If you’re exercising you have to keep your protein levels up.  It’s hard to get an adequate amount of protein from your diet so a lot of people turn to protein powder.  Are all protein powders created equal?  No!  Generally men want to bulk up with protein powder where as women just want to keep lean.  There’s so much information out there that it be a bit confusing but Jen Rankin can help.  She has a guide on which is the best protein powder for women.  You can check out her site here – http://jenrankinfitness.com.


Many athletes will actually train in intervals. Once they have their basic level of fitness achieved, they will start a low impact interval training. This allows them to really work towards the goal that they wanted. They will often put it up at a high resistance and then take a minute of recovery and do this repeatedly to make their goal work for them.

What you may ask, is all of this really possible? Yes. Many of these Olympic athletes are actually using elliptical to train themselves for the Olympic Games or other types of