infantino baby carrier


A sling with a length of 4, 60 m is offered by the manufacturer of infantino sash mei tai baby carrier. The Infantino sash mei tai baby carrying is an elastic cloth, which is made 100% cotton. Also a check is carried out with the sling by Tex, have checked pollutants in the cloth. Gladly we would list the advantages and disadvantages of Infantino sash mei tai carrying babies in our test.

Product details 


As already mentioned in the section above, the Infantino sash mei tai is 4.60 metres long. Also the 100 offers percent cotton sufficient elasticity, to bear children safely in the towel. The cloth is the color black. However are still baby slings of the same company and get the same properties in numerous colors. In addition to red, Fuchsia, green, also blue denim selection is offered. The baby can be worn in the cloth according to the manufacturer, from the first day in the cloth. Up to 18 kilograms can be children hard, until they no longer can be worn in the cloth. The sling is narrower than the other baby slings from the range in its execution. The Infantino sash mei tai comes in size L. Based on the table of the manufacturer, this size for persons over 1.90 m is necessary, as well as for people with a dress size from 44. The Jersey cotton in addition offers the advantage, that the cloth is beneficial elastic and thus has much room when binding.



The sling is kept by the manufacturer of Infantino sash mei tai in an elegant color that goes with any outfit. In the test could offer the length sufficient scope, to bind the baby. However, it is the cloth of this manufacturer a little narrow what is perceived for some parents as an advantage. The elastic Sling offers excellent opportunities to keep among babies from the first day in the carrier type M front. This wearing type is recommended, to ensure that on the other hand Additionally prevent the error, which are often found in newborns. The cloth is quick and easy to tie and comfortable for baby and the carrier.



Disadvantages can be only detected. The color black can be perceived as negative for babies. Also the width of the cloth unfortunately not for all parents is beneficial. But parents should decide here, whether the width of the cloth to the safe carrying of the child is sufficient.



In summary could be detected in the Infantino sash mei tai that it is a very good cloth, offers plenty of stability and flexibility. The material is tested and positive while wearing. Also, the length is sufficient to provide parents with a not too large size sufficient comfort. Do you have any other support or even suggestions and comments? Gladly we are pleased about your experience reports. If you want to see rather more baby slings, there is our Sling comparison here, one is, for example, the Babylonia carrying cloth of this carrying blankets.