Khadi AMLA herbal shampoo for greasy hair


Who distrusts the ingredients of synthetic hair products, can Dodge to pure natural products. To them, the Indian AMLA is herbal shampoo of Khadi, in which among other things an Indian soapnut is responsible for the cleaning power.  It is especially good for greasy or oily hair.  If you suffer from these conditions you really do need the best shampoo for your hair or scalp type.  Click here to find out more about shampoos for greasy or oily hair.


Must interact with something

The also included ingredients, which is mentioned in the name comes from the fruit of the eponymous Indian tree. Many good properties are attributed to this Indian gooseberry, she should act as an anti-inflammatory. The interplay of the various ingredients can reduce dandruff after manufacturer and prevent a premature greying of hair. The shampoo should be rinsed immediately again, but soak in for two to three minutes. As a result, the acid mantle of the skin is not attacked. If then the paraben product disappearance, the shampoo might convince even those who pay attention very closely to the ingredients and are familiar with controversial ingredients.




Independently the shampoo in the vast majority of customers is very well. Therefore it thoroughly cleans and helps really well against dandruff. Moreover to what extent this is true also for gray hair, the opinions, differ. Occasionally seem less gray hair to regrow, but who is already grey, it also remains. Some have the impression that their hair with regular use are stronger and less hair is lost. Those who want to try, whether it’s my imagination or whether the shampoo causes indeed small wonder, finds it in a 210 ml bottle at Amazon for less than EUR 10. The smell not all thrilled by the way, is but also not perceived as unpleasant.