winix plasmawave 5300 air purifier


The applicable winix plasmawave 5300 has 7 different systems to clean the air. UV – Lich, photo catalyst, Ionizer and an ozone generator include a HEPA – filter, a carbon filter, a carbon fiber filter.


The applicable winix plasmawave 5300 can be easily controlled with a remote control. So, you can operate the device also available in continuous operation, at intervals, with a timer, or about the odor and particle sensor. Although the air cleaner is very powerful, it is also very quiet.


The device has even a bedroom feature. In spite of the compact design can the applicable winix plasmawave 5300 the air in rooms with a maximum size of 46 m² filter and clean.  Check out another review here.

Product details


  • Air cleaner with 7 systems
  • Always work HEPA filter and activated carbon filter
  • Photo catalyst – filter (can in conjunction with UV – lamp or be switched off)
  • UV – light – function
  • Ionic generator: washable, -to-switched
  • Ozone function: to – and can be switched off, automatic switch-off function
  • Display to change the filter (HEPA, activated carbon, carbon fibre filter, UV – lamp)
  • Air status display in operation
  • Sufficient for 115 m³ (room size of approximately 46 m ²)
  • Addition of ozone: approximately 50 mg / h
  • Negative ions: approximately 5 × 106 per cm³
  • Air capacity: 4 steps, 180, 230, 320, 365 m ³/h
  • Filter life: approximately 1 year in the 8 hours per day (at normal air)




Around 66% of all reviews was assessed the applicable winix plasmawave 5300 with perfect 5 stars. This is a very good result mainly in the category of air purifiers. These people are just generally satisfied with the room air cleaner according to their reviews.


For many, the unit has had a good effect after only a day. Often, reading that is above all allergy sufferers the Islands B-785 HEPA Air Purifier have risen, to alleviate their symptoms. That seems to work well. In several reviews, it is described that the air was much better after a night in the bedroom and the customers without allergy symptoms could get up.


Also to combat unpleasant smells, it seems to be well suited the applicable winix plasmawave 5300. Many customers were also pleasantly surprised, how dirty were, when it was time to change the filter.




Unfortunately HEPA Air Purifier did not quite work the applicable B-785 for some customers. A customer must have received a defective product because this is by one alone – and has switched off. Another customer writes that HEPA Air Purifier is not suitable the applicable B-785 for smokers, as he countered these odors. Two customers had problems with her complaint after she noticed a defect of the unit.






With an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars truncates the applicable winix plasmawave 5300 quite well with the customers. He seems to be very effective especially for allergic persons and in the bedroom. But he is praised in the deodorization.


The various functions, such as the sensor and the night function are mentioned often positive. Although the air cleaner is not necessarily cheap, many customers find the price quite reasonable thanks to the good function of the device. The applicable B-785 HEPA Air Purifier is a clear purchase recommendation.